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Mandarin Oriental Spa - Hong Kong
Mandarin Oriental Spa – Hong Kong

Hot Wax: A strip-less hot wax applied with a spatula, that shrink-wraps around the hair follicle to enable it to remove hair as short as 1mm! I use it when waxing most area a part from the legs and arms. Perfect for short, stubborn hair on any part of the face and those xxx places. It is very quick to apply, dry and remove. The best brand I have used is Lycon – an Australian brand.

Strip Wax: Applied with a roll on cartridge very thinly to remove hair from larger parts of the body. Strip wax grips and removes hair  that is 2mm short in length and is then removed ‘Against the grain’ with a strip of cloth. The majority of clients areas react after waxing the body get tiny, red, itchy lumps for an hour or so, this is common and is caused by a histamine response – the body’s reaction to Histamine is of course a useful part of the immune response and it works by making the blood vessels in the body larger and easier to penetrate so that the body can swell and protect the area. It is the increase in size of the blood vessels that also additionally creates a reddening of the skin. i suggest to clients that become very itchy and swollen to take an anti-histamine tablet 30 minutes before their waxing.After all waxing procedures be sure the therapist applies an Aloe Vera or Tea-Tree post wax gel or lotion for soothing, calming and anti-bacterial purposes.

Threading: Originating in The East threading is the most precise method I have seen in creating the perfect eyebrow shape. It removes the hair from the root as does waxing. Your threader hold one end of  A cotton thread  the mouth, the other on the skin surrounding the hair to be removed, it is pulled along in a rhythmic, twisting motion, to trap the hair sort of like a mini lasso, and lifts hair right out of the follicle. Again be sure the therapist applies Tea-Tree or Aloe Vera Lotion, some threaders prefer chilled Rose water but in my experience a stronger anti-bacterial is needed after to stop the skin from getting those tiny, irritating little white pimples that can crop up on the face after hair removal.

Facials: As I explained in ‘how effective is your product’, spa facials are great to restore hydration, remove some of the accumulated dead skin cells, deep clean the pores and add some much-needed tender love and care.

Lash / Brow Tinting : These treatments are pretty old school but if you have blonde or red hair then they’ll still be a staple for you to give added definition and depth of colour to the eye area. Be sure to ask if the spa uses Vegetable Dye which most should now as the tints of old caused some irritation during application.


Rasul: One of my favourite treatments and one I lapped up whilst living in The Middle The Rasul takes place in a purpose-built steam room, usually covered with beautiful blue mosaic tiles. The Rasul chamber experience is an ancient Arab custom of bathing, where the guests are provided with different nourishing muds, exfoliants and oils to apply themselves or by the therapist while they relax on heated seats. .Rasul mud exfoliates the skin, drawing out impurities and infusing rich mineral nutrients to rejuvenate and revive. Detoxification takes place through the skin which is the largest elimination organ of the body.

Steam Room: The steam room aids in detoxification by creating artificial fever. It speeds up circulation and body cell metabolism thereby causing toxic wastes to be expelled through the skin. Be sure to shower pre / post your steam room experience. Be sure to have a  bottle of water with you and a rolled up towel for under your neck if you choose to lie down.

Body Scrubs: Full body scrubs usually start with a dry brushing to break up fatty deposits, aid in lymphatic drainage, eliminates toxins and stimulates circulation while giving you an amazing exfoliation – all of which make your skin glow, a scrub is then applied containing combinations of rich natural ingredients to remove toxins, increase circulation and create a natural radiance. Body scrubs and wraps usually take place in the spa wet room that includes showering facilities or a Vichy shower.  Treatments conclude with an application of a rich conditioning body lotion, unless you are moving on to other treatments – sealing in moisture and leaving the skin luxuriously refreshed.  Body scrubs are fantastic and so invigorating with my favourite being Elemis Lime and Ginger Salt Glow !

Body Wraps: These are usually preceded by a body scrub and serve a purpose, be it detoxification, cellulite reduction, hydration or purifying.  Your concerns decipher what scrub / wrap combination will serve you best. As the product is being applied the therapist will add in some massage movements to make it even more heavenly and relaxing. The indulgent whole-body treatments are designed to increase circulation, add nutrition, detoxify and decongest the body’s tissues, while deeply relaxing the muscles. In some cases a scalp massage is done while you lie in the wrap. NB/ Do not try if you’re claustrophobic !

Massage: in Spa’s usually Swedish, Sports massage, Hot Stone, Balinese / Lomi Lomi or eastern style theme that ties in with the spa’s look or ethos.

Reflexology: is a form of treatment that involves applying pressure as well as the use of effleurage / massage techniques in a certain manner to all areas of the feet. In the foot there are areas, which relate to all organs and systems within the body. The feet as a whole correspond to the whole body. By working the feet it is possible to find out which areas of the body are out of balance and treatment can be given to re-balance the body by stimulating its own healing mechanism. The hands and ears can also be used in reflexology and again similar reflex areas exist corresponding to the whole body.


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