on one breath of air – william trubridge

Freediving is a sport where you hold your breath and try to go as deep as possible

I caught the documentary Breathe by chance one day on the National Geographic channel. It tells the story of  William Trubridge training to freedive the deepest hole in the world – Dean’s Blue Hole located in the Bahamas – to a staggering depth of 660ft!

Watching Breathe is mesmerising. Maybe it’s the lackadaisical Bahamian vibe, maybe it’s the beautifully simple life that both William and his Yogi wife Brittany were leading. It was mesmerising because I couldn’t leave the room or change the channel. The couple come across as enlightened, sincere and disciplined souls that exude a groundedness that many of us seek. I HAD TO keep watching to the end, quite simply to cheer him on and pray he survived and see he if accomplished his goal. Seeing any athlete push both body and mind to the absolute extreme of what is thought to be humanly capable. 60minutes reporter Bob Simon states:

It’s an experimental sport because its revealing human capabilities which had never even be imagined forcing medical scholars to rewrite their textbooks on human physiology

To watch the full documentary online click HERE

To watch William Trubridge & Tanya Streeter in CBS’s 60 minutes click HERE

4 Comments Add yours

  1. faeriepuff says:

    Very nice pictures and insight. Love diving too!!


    1. sandra says:

      Cheers faeriepuff 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. How interesting! I love unexpected finds like this! There’s so many cool experiences out there…


    1. sandra says:

      Thanks Jess, I know. I knew a small amount about Free-diving but this documentary and both of them intrigued me. Glad you enjoyed X


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