“your body speaks to you in the language of symptoms”


Stress, it nudges its way into our lives and then decides to put its roots down. Thankfully there are tools to combat it but it takes action and persistence. 

 Kathleen DesMaison remarked that “your body speaks to you in the language of symptoms “

Do you recognise that many of the symptoms of stress are interconnected – that one symptom, feeds from and then fuels the next ? The great news is that once you make the decision to conquer one, follow the process through and see and feel the positive results, the others will fall into line if you remain committed to regaining your ability to cope.

Speak to your Naturopath or Alternative health practitioner regarding the supplements I mention. Some manifestations of stress such as the behavioural and emotional do need intervention through your Dr.  interim or long-term medication may be required to re-balance you for a while. No worries, remember these are strong symptoms of a life out-of-balance, do what needs to be done to get yourself better !

The Stress Toll – Physically:

  1. Insomnia – Daily magnesium supplements  also helps relieve restless leg syndrome.
  2. Stress headaches – Regular Neck and jaw stretches alleviate chronic tension.
  3. Hair Loss – Vitamin B12 and Iron deficiencies, consider B12 injections from your Doctor .
  4. Aches and pains – (a)Yoga exercises to stretch the fascia,  (b) Mix together 2c of epsom salts, 1/2c of apple cider vinegar and 1/4c of baking soda into a warm bath to relieve sore, tight muscles. The next morning you should feel some benefit.
  5. Fatigue – Tired but Wired by Dr. Frances Pitsilis

The Stress Toll – Behaviourally:

  1. Over-eating – Usually it’s the same culprits – sugar and carbohydrates. Speak to your Naturopath or health store regarding Chromium – Blood Sugar Balance or Glutamine supplements to curb cravings.
  2. Lack of appetite – Blend a nutritious smoothie to carry and drink slowly throughout the morning.
  3. Social withdrawal – Meet a confidante you can trust and explain your situation. Decide to meet up once a week for a walk or some form of exercise and chat until you are feeling more confident.
  4. Increased smoking – Organisations such as Quitline offer fantastic support and subsidised patches, gum and lozenge prescriptions. Nicotine patches or gum work well but if things are just too bad to quit right now, try cutting back at least and don’t team it with caffeine or alcohol.
  5. Mood Swings – Eat protein and complex carbohydrates with every meal to keep glucose levels stable.

The Stress Toll – Mentally:

  1. Forgetfulness – (a) Daily supplements of Omega 3 or introduce more salmon to your diet   (b) Resveratrol is a supplement my Mum swears by and she has taken it for years (c) Try adding turmeric to your cooking.
  2. Depression – Go easy on yourself and someone you trust for help and support.
  3. Burnout – Check out Body Ecology’s adrenal fatigue restorative programme. Ancient Earth Minerals provide mega nourishment for exhausted adrenals.
  4. Lack of focus / concentration – (a) Lower your fat and sugar intake (b) Take a multivitamin (c) Stay hydrated.
  5. Anger / Frustration – (a) Invest some time in learning relaxation and breathing techniques. Download some relaxing music to listen to at the end of the night to help with meditation and prayer (b)Take up kickboxing or running  (c) Speak your truth, if you are someone who keeps their mouth shut but carries the anger and frustrations internally, learn to speak up. You have the right to an opinion and to be heard.

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  1. Prayers and Apples says:

    ..love that quote about your body speaking to you through symptoms! question: are you familiar with the differences btw B-12 and B-6? I’m not and I keep meaning to research it! Figured I’d pick your brain once I read that part about hair loss hehe 😉


    1. palomino says:

      Hi Jessica, the whole B6-B12 thing rings bell in my brain somewhere, I just haven’t been able to access it yet, haha. Standby, you’ll be the first to know when my brain kicks in again and releases more info 😉


  2. PindariN says:

    This is really helpful. I’ll be sure to keep this page handy in case anyone I know happens to have these symptoms.


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