i don’t believe in death, i do believe in love

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© 2010 Scott Rudd



I doubt there are many of us left on the planet, that weren’t reduced to tears when we viewed Marina Abramovic’s ‘The Artist is Present’ retrospective where she deeply and suprisingly reconnects with a past love, The recognition and emotion was palpable and extremely moving.

The first time I had encountered M.A was through The Abramovic Method, a unique and insightful practice that focuses performers on being fully present in any given moment through breath, concentration, stillness, and movement.

The most straightforward task such as walking or breathing becomes a means through which participants can hone perception and investigate their individual mental and physical limits. Performing these simple actions counteracts the rushed pace of day-to-day living. Emphasis is placed on consciously doing one thing at a time, often very slowly, to achieve a deeper awareness of the self and the outside world.

Abramovic has lived so much of her life with her heart on her sleeve expressing herself through so many thought-provoking, sometimes violent and out-of-the-box performances for the past five decades. Abramovic’s life story is definitely something I can respect. I admire her spirit and courage to be so open and present in everything she does. She doesn’t seem to live her life hiding from who she is, she’s not wearing any masks. Perhaps that’s why I find her so intriguing, we’re drawn to the people we want to become.

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  1. Wow! I was moved by that video of Marina and Ulay. Thank you. Might share it later.


    1. sandra says:

      I know, isn’t it lovely. I watched it a few times and blubbed my eyes each time ! I guess even cynics can be romantics 😉

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