organic hydration



Caudelie Paris Grape Water

perfect and light for 7 step toning and patting into the skin.

The mist is fine and delicate once you get your spritzing skills going (I did get myself straight in the eye several times), and disperses finely over the face. This spray like many products I use is beneficial to most skin types and conditions because it focuses on gently replenishing water levels and antioxidants to the stratum corneum or top layer of the epidermis, this means our skin becomes visibly plumper and starts to glow simply from rehydrating the skin externally. The 7-step and 10-step Korean skincare routine can be a relaxing way to wind down and administer some self care before bed.

NZD 30.00 – 200ml at Sephora NZ – great value and lasts for 6+ months

NZD 11 – 75ml at Sephora NZ – good travel size for those that suffer from dry and dehydrated skin


Whamisa Skincare Organic Flowers Eye Essence

lightweight nourishment for the delicate eye area with a gel consistency. it absorbs beautifully and is perfect for my allergy ridden sensitive eyes πŸ€“

the eye essence has a floral fragrance but nothing too overwhelming. typically I keep this in the fridge and the cool also helps to depuff my eyes when it is allergy hell season.

Whamisa is a naturally fermented skincare. Fermentation aids in ingredient absorption which means your skin won’t need as much product as many of us have used before. I did umm and aah quite a bit before purchasing both of the Whamisa Skincare products because they are quite pricey for their size. The two convincing factors that were the high organic percentages in this range and the quality list of ingredients. The small quantity initially concerned me but the quality of both these products are top notch. The texture and consistency is beautiful and velvet soft. Not a lot of product is needed which means these products will probably last longer than lower quality products we need more of.

I’m extremely happy with both of the Flower Essence products and would be happy to recommend them to all skin types.

As always use your discretion with how much product you use and how frequently. You know your skin the best and exactly what it can handle so take responsibility and be wise with your intuition. Hormonal breakouts are possibly the only skin issue I would be cautious to recommend with these Whamisa products.

NZD 57.00 – 30ml at Hikoco


Whamisa Skincare Organic Flowers Nourishing Cream

summery floral scent with a consistency half way between a moisturiser and night cream. I alternate this nourishing cream with a sleep mask at night 🌼

If you are familiar with using the Korean 7-Step Toner routine you should be okay using this Nourishing Cream. It’s not a large tube so go easy. A pea sized amount is truly all you need, warm it gently in your hands and then pat into the skin and neck. This is not a cream you would want to smear everyone or would only last a week.

The quality and blend of ingredients in this cream is its strength not the quantity! After double cleansing, toning 7x, and mask sheeting, you wont need big dollops of this.

95.3% organic ingredients

NZD 57.00 – 50ml at Hikoco


Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

thick and hydrating but not too sticky if you don’t overdo it. after 1 week of wearing to bed my chronically slightly dry lips were healed πŸ’‹

Initially I wasn’t a fan of this mask, I loved the pink colour (hello) but it was way to gooey for me and grossed me out texturally. It does come with a little plastic scooper and after I saw one of my YouTube beauty pals raving on it I decided to dust it off and give it a second chance. Before putting it on for bed I use a light coat of my Hurraw Lip Balm, then the thick texture of the extremely decadent and highly moisturising lip mask can do it’s thing. This lip mask works, Amen !

NZD 31.00 – 20gm at Sephora NZ


Innisfree Soybean Energy Neck Cream

quiet thick in texture with a sticky residue still on my skin the next morning. I use this cream if I’m out of other products but it is not one of my favourite Innisfree products. It is a good amount of product for the price from a well recognised Korean Skincare brand.

NZD30 – 80ml at


*All products were purchased by me for personal use.

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