major sunscreen fraud exposed

The owner of a US lab that tested sunscreens sold to Kiwi consumers has pleaded guilty to falsifying results.

Test reports from the company, AMA Laboratories, have been used by many manufacturers to justify their sun protection claims, even when our independent testing found the products weren’t up to standard.

The fraud went on for decades. Last week, AMA Labs‘ owner finally admitted cooking up false reports and defrauding customers of $63 million.

We’re calling on any manufacturer that’s relied on reports from AMA Labs to urgently retest. Unless companies have good evidence to substantiate their SPF claims, they need to pull products off the shelf.

In Consumer NZ’s latest test, the following brands relied on results from AMA Labs to support their SPF claims:

Ecosol Water Shield Sunscreen SPF50+
Natural Instinct Invisible Natural Sunscreen SPF30
Sukin Suncare Sheer Touch Facial Sunscreen Untinted SPF30

Head to Consumer NZ to read
Belinda Castles – Research & test writer on why sunscreens should be regulated and full test results.
“Seven sunscreens in our latest test didn’t provide their claimed SPF protection, including products marketed as “natural”. Three of the seven sunscreens also failed to meet their broad-spectrum claims.”

UPDATE 14 MAY 2021

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