organic rose & cacay oil

by Wild Alchemy NZ

Wild Alchemy NZ

Organic Rose & Cacay Oil

for hair skin & nails

all skin types

all organic

50ml, 100ml
ingredients: organic cacay oil, organic rose oil, natural preservatives

beauty of organic skincare

The beauty of organic skincare is that no fertilisers or pesticides are used to grow any of the plants used, meaning the plants and ingredients receive their balanced nutrition from the soil provided. Market gardening and farming have always been a beautiful blend of experiential knowledge, practicality and science. New Zealand soils for example have been deficient in selenium and magnesium for a couple of decades due to the pressure placed on fields. The need to meet consumer demands and to financial has taken precedence over the traditional practice of leaving fields fallow to allow the soil to recover and rebalance its nutrients, to break disease and pest cycles. The practise of leaving fields fallow meant that the following crops were much more vibrant, nutritious and healthy. This traditional practice is how organic growers develop their crops. It’s a much slower process that takes a broader view of the collective planet and all of its inhabitants, a process that is playing the long game.

Personal observations when using Rose, &Cacay Oil, applied at night every second day for 2 months.

  • more even skin tone
  • overall my skin looked more vibrant & healthy
  • my skin felt less oily throughout the day (considering it’s mid-summer in NZ at the moment)
  • less inflammation around my eye area (I have the worst allergies)
  • fine lines diminished around my eye area, forehead, neck and decollete
  • eczema patch on my hairline cleared up (I need to change my shampoo)
  • I have been applying to the bottom third of my hair to help keep my usually brittle ends nourished, softer and stop breakage.

Organic Cacay oil – the multitasker

Cacay Oil is an incredible, nutrient-rich plant oil that’s more vitamin-packed than Argan and Rosehip Oils. Potent and concentrated, this sustainably harvested oil is quickly becoming an essential anti-ageing ingredient in natural skincare because of its ability to visibly improve skin tone and reduce the appearance of environmental damage. Cacay Oil can help to deliver a serious boost of skin-loving vitamins and antioxidants.

Sourced from the Amazon in Colombia, Cacay Oil is a pure Organic nut oil cold pressed from the nuts of Cacay trees. Rich in nutrients including vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. It is believed to contain three times more retinol than other popular anti-ageing oils including Rosehip, and 50 per cent more Vitamin E and Omega-6 (linoleic essential fatty acid) than Argan oil. It’s safe worn in the sun and can be worn beneath makeup.

Cacay Oil is a light, dry oil absorbed quickly without being sticky or greasy on the skin. Vegan and non-irritating, it’s ideal for all skin types and can be used on the face, body, hair and nails.

Cosmetic Grade Organic rose Oil

For centuries roses have been valued for their pure essential oils derived from the rose petal. It takes tens of thousands of blossoms to yield 30ml of essential oil making rose one of the most expensive oils available.

Rose essential oil contains a complex array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants with soothing and moisturising properties. A recent study has also shown the aromatherapeutic properties of rose oil can calm and soothe the senses helping to alleviate anxiety and depression. The warming signature scent of rose promotes relaxation.

Prevents premature ageing

Rosa extract’s excellent moisturizing properties are the reason why Rose Water appears on the ingredients lists of many natural serums and toners to provide a boost of hydration. When applied topically, rose water eliminates dullness and instantly refreshes your complexion. Rose oil and rose distillate are rich in antioxidants – molecules that protect the cells from oxidative stress and help your skin stay youthful and healthy.

Soothes Irritations/Reduces Redness

If you are struggling with rosaceaeczema, atopic dermatitis, or occasional redness, rose distillate is an ingredient to look for when buying skincare products. Only a few spritzes of rose water are enough to restore comfort and calm the skin when it’s red and irritating. Apart from that, the divine smell of roses relaxes the mind and reduces anxiety – yet another reason to love roses so much!

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